Shaft/glove (OEM)
Challenge to be the world’s best mass-producer

Manufacture and sale of golf shafts and gloves,
which are sporting goods

We will take on the challenge of becoming the world’s best mass-producer in the shaft and glove field by strategically utilizing the Bangladesh factory, which has advantages in terms of cost and quality.
In addition, we will establish a globally unified brand with characteristics unique to Japan and the United States, and aim to be the world’s best in terms of volume and brand value.

UST-Mamiya, Inc.

UST-Mamiya, Inc. sells carbon shafts for golf clubs and Western bows and arrows made of carbon. Products designed and developed in the United States are produced at its own factory, Mamiya-OP (Bangladesh) Ltd. The company engages in sales of its own brand products such as RECOIL, HELIUM and LIN-Q for the after-sales market as well as in OEM for club makers of American brands. It also manufactures and sells pole vault equipment on a small scale.

UST Mamiya Japan, Inc.

As a sales subsidiary, UST mamiya Japan, Inc. sells shafts in Japan and Asia, and also operates a shaft fitting business. The company is constantly seeking to improve the “Quality,” “Performance” and “Feel” of its products. In Japan, it also sells blocking rods for railroad crossings.
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Manufacture of carbon shafts for golf clubs, carbon bows and arrows, sports gloves, etc., and production, processing and assembly of precision parts. It functions exclusively as a mass production base for shafts and Western bows and arrows, and is a production factory that supplies products to UST-Mamiya,Inc. and UST Mamiya Japan,Inc.

Mamiya-OP (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Mamiya-OP (Thailand) Co., Ltd. manufactures golf gloves at the Navanakorn Industrial Zone in Thailand. It creates golf gloves with flexibility and delicate quality that match the needs of each customer.

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