Core value and purpose

We want to be a company that creates a new future through challenge and evolution. Fulfilling our social responsibilities as a listed company.

Our ideal state

  • To become a leading company in a niche market
    (Golf shafts/gloves, amusement-related OEM, DX support for amusement)
  • Pioneer utilizing unique technology in a niche market
    (Automatic lawn mower, BtoC reservation/ordering system)

Core value

We are committed to “technology and quality”, “speed and innovation” in all group businesses, and contribute to all stakeholders by providing unique products, thereby fulfilling our social responsibility as a listed company.


All of the thoughts and actions of the Mamiya-OP Group are based on our original production and ICT technology, and we are committed to manufacturing and make things, which are based on our unique production and ICT technologies. Converge on responding and aim at this.

Mission – 3 Reforms

(1) Earnings structure reform

  • From a business structure that relied heavily on the amusement (Amusement machine related) business centered on manufacturing, we will newly launch the existing ICT business (reservation/order system, I-GINS, etc.) and strengthen the sports business. We will also aim to invest management resources in the system solution business and strengthen making things.
  • Especially in the ICT-related business, we will focus on strategic business development by consolidating ICT resources into the newly established Mamiya IT Solutions Corporation and as a result, we will propose and provide new value to the amusement industry.

(2) Cost structure reform

  • Aim to realize further cost competitiveness by concentrating production in the Bangladesh factory, which has advantages in terms of cost and quality in the sports business, and making strategic use of it.
  • Particularly, for golf shafts, golf gloves, sports bags, accessories, etc., we will strengthen promotion including OEM, taking advantage of the price and mass production quality of the Bangladesh factory.
  • With regard to domestic production bases, we will conduct multifaceted examinations such as risks, and consider consolidating production bases and outsourcing production.

(3) B/S reform

  • Through the above initiatives, we aim to achieve ROE of around 8% by 2024 (83rd term).
  • We will review and reduce individual assets and reduce external liabilities associated with this, which will lead to improved ROA and reduction of management risk.
    In addition, when reviewing assets such as existing investments and loans, and when making new investments, etc., we will, in principle, secure an IRR that exceeds the cost of capital.

Management policy

  • Profitable growth
    We will pursue profit, which is the source of our corporate activities, as a source of funds for covering business risks and new growth and challenges.
  • Thoroughly customer-oriented
    Through “manufacturing and utilization of ICT” based on customers’ latent needs, we will provide customers with unprecedented value and establish a competitive advantage.
  • Pioneering spirit to boldly challenge original fields
    We will create a culture that accepts failure as a result of management and efforts to challenge unique fields without fear of failure.