General Employer Action Plan

We have formulated the following action plan in order to develop an employment environment where employees can demonstrate their abilities, balance work and life, and work comfortably.

General business owner action plans

Planning period3 years from July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2024
Goal 1Aim to reduce overtime hours.
・Survey monthly overtime hours and grasp the current situation.
・The Health and Safety Committee reports on a situation of monthly overtime hours.
・Aim to reduce overtime hours by raising awareness among department heads and workers who work more overtime than others.
Goal 2The number of days of annual paid leave taken per employee shall be 6 days or more per year.
・Survey and grasp the current status of annual paid leave taken by employees.
・The Health and Safety Committee reports on a situation of the number of days taken each month.
・Confirm the status of acquisition and promote acquisition by departments and workers which/who do not take annual paid leave sufficiently.
Goal 3We will introduce a system that allows full-time employees with children up to the fourth grade of elementary school to use accumulated paid leave if they wish.
・Scrutinize company rules, and consider and implement revisions to them.
・Disseminate information to all employees by posting on the company intranet.